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Subject: Construction

PROMOS Cost Forecast

Wave goodbye to your crystal ball!

A realistic cost forecast is essential for the managers of a construction management. This is the only way for the ordering party to assess the risks accurately. However, as construction projects are very complex, and often cover a large time scale, various KPIs have to be taken into account as part of the cost forecast.

The PROMOS cost forecast incorporates the following variables for precise planning:

  • Planned costs
  • Order values
  • Actual costs
  • Assessed risks

The PROMOS construction account and project cockpit calculates an “anticipated billing sum” for the construction project using the specified KPIs. This sum contains risks and unknown elements and thus takes into account forecast values. This allows for a realistic forecast of the costs incurred up until the construction work is completed

The KPIs upon which the PROMOS cost forecast is based are supplied from the various areas of the SAP® system.

Planned costs

Planned costs can include cost estimates and cost calculations and are incorporated if tenders or closure are still open for specific work. The project structure provides an option for cost planning in SAP®. A structure based on the DIN 276 cost groups is normally used here. If planned costs are also to be included in the forecast, planning must be performed based on the cost groups. The planned values can be recorded manually or imported as an Excel file.

Order values

For the cost forecast, order values and residual project values are used for trades that have already been tendered or commissioned. Orders are created in the system for this purpose. Purchase requisitions can also be recorded optionally. Supplements ensure that the order values are kept up to date.

Actual costs

For trades that are fully settled, the actual costs are used. The invoices are posted against the orders, which thus reduces the residual order value. Parked invoices can also be taken into account as an option. The recognised work is significant for the forecast. Invoices can include reductions, deductions, retentions and cash discounts.

Assessed risks

Risks can arise due to price changes, a change in the activity or quantity or postponements. Unknown variables such as tenders still pending also play a role here. These sorts of risks can be mapped via claims in the SAP® system. No budgets are required for these values and allocation to cost groups up to the 100 range of the DIN or directly with reference to the order and suppliers is possible. The project cockpit can be extended so that claims for risks/unknown values within the context of a forecast can be created and maintained.

PROMOS Projektcockpit mit Prognose-Übersicht aller Kosten
Project Cockpit with forecast overview

Further information

  • Import function: Planned or budget values can be imported into the SAP® system in the form of Excel lists.
  • Customisation: The layout and jump to the documents can be adjusted via customising.

Your benefit

Planning reliability: The PROMOS cost forecast is based on various KPIs, thus ensuring that forecasts are as close to reality as possible. The possibility of incorporating risks and unknown values is a particular advantage.

SAP® integration: The PROMOS cost forecast cleverly combines data that already exists in SAP®. Manual compilation of the data from various different lists is not necessary.

Customisation: Company-specific requirements (i.e. with regard to the layout or jumps) can be implemented with PROMOS via customising.


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End user

  • Construction project managers
  • Construction controllers

Technical requirements

  • SAP® PS
  • SAP® MM
  • SAP® CO
  • SAP® FI

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