Portfolio No.: 9302-08
Subject: Construction

PROMOS Construction Account Portal

Flexible, secure online provision of construction account data

The PROMOS construction account allows all income and expenditure arising from a construction project to be presented. It is therefore a useful project controlling tool for developers. In certain cases, third parties, such as creditors, may also need to be granted access to the construction account.

Although it is feasible to export the relevant data from SAP® in the form of Excel lists, this is not very convenient because the data changes very quickly. For this reason, PROMOS has developed the PROMOS construction account portal for you. This web portal gives you a secure, user-specific view of the relevant up-to-date data for the construction account.

The construction account portal can be used to make project construction accounts available to external stakeholder groups in a flexible manner. Here, you yourself decide which individuals should receive access to a particular project. The data is transmitted to the web portal using a report, allowing the time and, if applicable, the rhythm of provision to be specified. If the construction project has not yet been completed, for example, it is useful to specify regular updates for the data. Depending on your requirements, you can transmit only the planned and actual data or the entire construction account including the order and invoices.

Two tabs with important information on the project are available to the platform user: construction account and project overview. The detailed screen of the construction account displays the WBS element (DIN cost group, order or invoice), the overall budget or funds commitment, for example. The individual cost groups can be shown and hidden here in a flexible manner. The project overview tab provides information regarding the project type, status (e.g. in construction) as well as the living area. A further tab shows the user when the data was last updated. An individual layout can also be created.

Projekt Baubuch im easysquare Portal
Construction Account project in the easysquare portal

Further information

  • Print options: The form for printing the construction account can be defined in various ways.
  • Customising options: Additional fields of the PROMOS Construction Account can be displayed optionally.

Your benefit

Flexibility: You can individually define the scope of the data to be provided as well as the group of people who are to receive access.

Time savings: The data does not have to be called and exported manually and individually by an employee; if required, it can be transmitted to the portal automatically on a regular basis.

End user

  • Project managers
  • Project controllers
  • Ordering parties

Technical requirements

  • SAP® ERP
  • PROMOS Construction Account
  • easysquare portal

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