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Subject: Construction

PROMOS Supplement Management

Make changes to contracts in an instant

Making changes to construction contracts during execution is a common procedure. When the contract is concluded, unexpected developments in the future cannot be predicted, making contract supplements unavoidable.

Such changes are mapped using PROMOS Supplement Management in SAP® and provide you with exactly the functions you need based on the requirements from targeted construction management. The terms and conditions are updated conveniently, but the initial contract continues to be stored in your system and can be viewed.

Changes to the construction account are mapped in SAP® via supplements. The supplements are created with reference to the order and can contain a reason for the supplement (e.g. additional work VOB/B § 2 No. 6) or a short text or note.

In the event that work increases or decreases, the supplement value is adjusted, which automatically updates the order values. The total of the supplements is presented in the order via a separate condition, which means that the original order, supplement totals and current order value also remain visible in the order. For the purpose of checking and taking into account the budget, it is possible to generate a resource commitment when recording the supplement, so that supplements can only be created or changed within the scope of the budget.

You also have the option of working with status management (e.g. submitted, checked, issued or declined). The order value is then only updated if the “issued” status has been set.

Within PROMOS Supplement Management, there is a separate evaluation of the supplements, which can be used to transparently analyse the values and reasons for change.

Correspondence can also be defined. This allows users to generate an appropriate letter for the supplement directly.

Dialog zur Nachtragserfassung
Dialogue for recording a supplement
Statusübersicht zu den erfassten Nachträgen in der Nachtragsverwaltung
Status overview of the recorded supplements

Further information

  • Release process: In some cases, it makes sense that supplements are first released by project participants of a higher hierarchy level. Here, it would be useful to implement an easysquare workflow process, which automatically controls the release process.
  • Customising: Reasons for change as well as the status can be preset via customising. It is also possible to implement individual specifications.

Your benefit

Transparency: PROMOS Supplement Management allows you to keep track of changes to construction contracts in a transparent manner.

Up-to-date: Supplements can be given a status, so that that they immediately update the old conditions after being released.

Integration: The supplement data is integrated into SAP® immediately when recorded and can be called from various different areas.

End user

  • Construction management
  • Purchasing

Technical requirements

  • SAP® MM

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