Portfolio No.: 9304-01
Subject: Maintenance

OpenPromos® Service Notification

Order processing for Optimised maintenance

OpenPromos® Service Notification (OPSN) is a simple fast entry screen that processors in a company can use to create maintenance orders and defect notifications in the SAP® system quickly and with very little effort. It is therefore ideally suited for use in call centres or maintenance control centres. Operation is optimised in such a way that even inexperienced employees can work in a system-supported manner.

The simple dialogue screen, which is limited to the functions and information that are actually required, makes OPSN a user-friendly and effective tool. The significant time savings that can be achieved with OPSN compared to the standard SAP® system are so valuable, because speed is a particularly important factor when it comes to rectifying defects. This is the only way to prevent tenant dissatisfaction.

When a new notification from the tenant is received, the customer advisor can first call the data of the tenant in question using the search function that is integrated into the fast entry screen. All the relevant data is shown immediately, such as the entire history for the functional location and the higher-level objects. The tenant’s address can also be displayed in Google Maps. The customer advisor can now update the tenant’s master data if required. Additional information, such as the current rental balance, allow the tenant’s phone contact details to be used; for example, to notify the tenant of any arrears.

The relevant defect image is then selected via a selection catalogue (e.g. defective plug socket). Based on defined criteria (e.g. defect code or trade), a suitable supplier is selected using automatic supplier determination. Are you using the craftsmen portal already? Then automatic framework agreement determination is also integrated into the solution. The estimated price for the order can now also be calculated for the order on this basis. A budget traffic light system displays the current utilisation of the budget on the entry screen. Using an integrated forecast function, you can also view a linear extrapolation for the whole year. If required, users can upload images or files to the notification. The order can then be sent to the supplier by email directly from the screen. Saving the notification automatically triggers the creation of the entire document chain in SAP®. If the commissioned work is apportionable, this can be stored in OPSN so that account assignment is performed to a specific settlement unit. It is also possible to jump from OPSN straight to the PROMOS insurance module. In this way, among other things, multiple orders can be assigned to an insurance claim.

Schnellerfassungsmaske der OpenPromos® Service Notification (OPSN)

Fast entry screen of OpenPromos® Service Notification

Further information

  • Additional functions: As an option, you can also check for any duplicate commissioning or existing warranties within the fast entry screen.
  • Craftsmen portal: Optional connection to the easysquare craftsmen portal not only enables integrated and electronic processing of minor maintenance orders but also automatic selection of framework agreements.
  • Estimated price extension: In addition, PROMOS provides a special report for the estimated prices. This allows you to analyse all orders for a defined period with the actual order values for each defect image. Various parameters can be used, such as the level of the average costs, the deviation from the current estimated price as well as the calculated new estimated price. As the user, you have the option here to save a new estimated price for the defect image in question.

Your benefit

Useful additional information: With the fast entry screen, additional tenant and property information, such as rental balance, can be displayed with ease.

Time and cost savings: A host of features reduce manual effort and result in significant time savings, such as the simplified search of the technical location of the automatic supplier assignment.

Seamless system integration: OPSN provides full integration into the easysquare craftsmen portal and PROMOS Maintenance Controlling.

Transparency: The option to check for duplicate commissioning as well as instant integrated budget control simplify the process significantly and prevent errors.

End user

  • Maintenance technicians
  • Call centre employees

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