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PROMOS Vendor Evaluation

Sound evaluation of your suppliers with PROMOS vendor evaluation

If you assign a large amount of your services, such as building cleaning and garden maintenance, to external suppliers, then these suppliers become a crucial factor with regard to the competitiveness of your company. After all, your customers perceive the quality of these services as those of your own. You therefore have good reason to evaluate your suppliers with regard to consistent compliance with product and service quality as well as adherence to deadlines and reliability.

As you do not have sufficient time during the award process to enter into negotiations with all suppliers, the effort required needs to be significantly reduced. To analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your service providers in advance, SAP® provides vendor evaluation, which uses clearly defined criteria such as price, quality, service and performance. This allows you to evaluate suppliers on the basis of the single document.

Vendor evaluation

A supplier’s overall score is made up of freely definable criteria that contribute to the overall score with different weighting keys. The sub-criteria can either be entered manually (e.g. in additional fields with the order or in a service entry sheet), or calculated automatically, as is the case with the rejection rate or adherence to deadlines, for example. The result of the overall score can be used for automatic supplier determination in PROMOS.GT (OPSN), among other things.

The results of the vendor evaluation can be analysed using a specially developed PROMOS report. The PROMOS enhancement also allows you to jump to the individual analyses, which have been integrated into the overall score calculation beforehand.


The individual scores are presented in the ALV overview in a user-friendly manner. This means that the user can see at a glance the mean value resulting from all evaluations and how much a specific supplier deviates from the mean value. For even greater ease of use, the user can jump to the individual documents that were used for the evaluation.

PROMOS Lieferantenbewertung mit Teilnoten, Abweichung von der Gesamtnote sowie Kundenfeldern
Vendor evaluation with sub-scores, deviation from the overall score and customer fields
Kundenspezifische Liste: Belege zur Lieferantenbewertung in SAP
Customer-specific list: documents for the vendor evaluation

Further information

Functional scope: The functional scope of PROMOS vendor evaluation usually covers the possibilities for the user to maintain the individual scores at the individual document level (order or service entry sheet) and to calculate the sub-scores. Furthermore, the definition and weighting for the sub-scores can be defined via individual SAP® customising, and an analysis of the vendor evaluation is also available. If required, the overall score can be taken into account during automatic supplier determination in OPSN as an option.

Your benefit

Transparency: PROMOS Vendor Evaluation gives you the necessary transparency for justification of sound decisions with regard to awarding contracts based on reasons of quality, both for internal and external stakeholder groups.

Minimisation of effort: With an objective and system-supported vendor evaluation, you minimise the effort required during the contract award process and ensure the quality of your decision success.

Automation: Automatically calculated sub-criteria, such as for the rejection quota, reduce the manual effort and make it unnecessary to record additional data.

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