Portfolio No.: 9305-01
Subject: Construction

PROMOS GAEB90 Interface

The established interface for data exchange in GAEB90 format

For electronic data exchange between those involves in the construction, it is essential that the data structure is known to the sending as well as receiving programs. This is why the GAEB format has become widely established in the construction industry.

PROMOS provides you with an import interface in SAP® for creating purchase requisitions or requests with service specifications on the basis of GAEB90 files. In line with the structure of the GAEB file, a service specification is created in the purchasing documents in SAP® with outline levels, quantity specifications, quantity units and short and long texts. Depending on the purchasing document, the required field information, such as the document type, supplier or material group, is queried and a response is mandatory. Information relating to surcharges and discounts can be provided. The program uploads the GAEB file from the local PC into the SAP® system, validates the data can then create the documents. After importing the data, a detailed log is output with a notification of success and information on the document numbers generated. In the event of an error, the error is described.

Service conditions in service master records

Via the “Create service master record” indicator, the relevant service master records are created in the system for the services recorded. A product customer exit is to be configured for this purpose, in order to define the service master key. In the simplest case, a sequential number is assigned (internal number assignment) The service number can also be configured as a “mnemonic key” with service index numbers or trade keys.

Import formats

They are divided into appropriate data exchange phases based on the purpose of the data. The PROMOS report imports standard GAEB90 files for the exchange phases D81, D82, D83/D84, D86 as of June 1999. The following service index screens are also supported:

  • 11PPPPPPI – single-level hierarchy
  • 1122PPPPI (REB) – two-level hierarchy
  • 112233PPI – three-level hierarchy

The conversion of quantity units can be controlled via a customising table. The import of services is thus possible with all conceivable units independently of the SAP® standard ISO units.

Compensating for limitations

Short and long texts can be handled in different ways. For example, the additional inclusion of the GAEB short text in the SAP® long text can compensate the field length of the SAP® field due to technical constraints.

Input screen for the GAEB interface
Protokoll des Imports mit der PROMOS GAEB Schnittstelle
Import log
Einkaufsbeleg mit Leistungsverzeichnis in SAP
Purchasing document with service specifications

Further information

  • Customising: In addition, further selection fields, such as for prefix information used when setting up a service master number, can be shown.

Your benefit

Uniqueness: The standard SAP® system does not provide an import function for creating service specifications in SAP® on the basis of GAEB structures. The interface allows imports with ease and thus supports the necessity of using service specifications for the process of tendering, awarding and settlement.

Integration possibilities: When using a web-based interface for craftsmen, framework agreements and appropriate service specifications are usually worked with. The catalogues are then usually available as GAEB files, which means that an import interface is required to import the data.

End user

  • Maintenance
  • Execution of construction work
  • Purchasing

Technical requirements

  • SAP®
  • Windows-PC

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