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Subject: Maintenance

PROMOS Framework Agreements

Long-term supplier relationships with framework agreements in SAP®

If you always commission very specific service providers to maintain your properties, such as Mr Smith the electrician or Mr White the painter, then it makes sense to keep the administration effort to a minimum and conclude long-term framework agreements with the service providers. These kinds of framework agreements define services to be provided on demand under specified terms and conditions over a specific period, or regulate the supply of materials at agreed prices, for example. Using framework agreements thus allows you to benefit from cost and time savings in the purchasing process.

The SAP® purchasing module MM-PUR includes a function for managing framework agreements, and PROMOS enhances this with helpful selection options and processing functions.

To avoid extra work when managing your framework agreements, PROMOS provides you with a quick overview of your existing agreements. In this way, all framework agreements can be analysed per trade based on a key date without having to search for a long time. This overview is also linked to a number of processing options.

For example, you can use mass processing to change the end of term for the framework agreements. The existing framework agreements are also available, allowing you to copy the content for new suppliers easily. This significantly reduces manual effort when maintaining your supplier contracts.

You can also integrate the table for automatic supplier determination, allowing you to view the suppliers’ assignment to a trade or region at a glance.

Selektionsbildschirm Auswertung Rahmenverträge und Lieferantenzuordnung
Selection screen for analysing framework agreements and supplier assignment
Ergebnisliste mit Bestätigungs-Popup zum Kopieren eines bestehende Rahmenvertrages
Results list with confirmation popup for copying an existing framework agreement

Your benefit

Convenience: The PROMOS solution gives you a quick overview of all the valid framework agreements for a key date, which would not be possible with the standard analyses in such a transparent and user-friendly manner.

Efficiency: Mass processing of framework agreements is available, which means that the terms of the framework agreements can be amended quickly and easily, and the complete framework agreement can be copied for new suppliers.

End user

  • Purchasers
  • Technicians
  • Craftsmen portal administrators

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