Portfolio No.: 1002-01
Subject: Payment Transactions

Electronic Bank Statement

Post account transactions automatically with ease using the Electronic Bank Statement

The Electronic Bank Statement is a component in SAP® that supports not only receivables and reliabilities management, but also applications such as cash and liquidity management rapidly and fully automatically using up-to-date data.

The house banks provide companies with the transactions of the individual house bank accounts in the form of files. The SAP® system reads in, interprets, and – provided it has the relevant allocation – automatically posts the files. This “interpretation algorithm” reaches its limits if the allocation information (e.g. document numbers, reference document numbers or contract numbers) is incomplete. SAP® search patterns then help to correct incorrect information and to post business transactions to the corresponding accounts by means of certain key words. This allows payment runs and bank transfers as well as direct debits or returns to be assigned to the corresponding documents in the system with ease and automatically settled without delay.

The Electronic Bank Statement posts business transactions based on centrally created posting rules which serve as a template for automatic processing. Based on the three-digit business transaction codes supplied by the bank, SAP® identifies the business transaction automatically, recognises the corresponding posting rule as well as the interpretation algorithm, and performs the posting automatically.

Another benefit of the Electronic Bank Statement is the option to allocate certain posting information to the FI document in question, which is then entered in the appropriate fields automatically during posting. For example, pre-filling of information regarding the cost centre, accounting entity, profit centre or tax code is possible. This minimises manual intermediate steps, thus allowing fully automated posting.

Definition von Buchungsregeln im elektronischen Kontoauszug
Defining posting rules
Interpretationsalgorithmus zum Geschäftvorfallcode im elektronischen Kontoauszug
Interpretation algorithm for the business transaction code
SAP Suchmuster für den elektronischen Kontoauszug

SAP® search pattern

PROMOS Transaktion zum Einlesen des elektronischen Kontoauszugs in SAP
Transaction for importing the Electronic Bank Statement

Further information

The standard system is supplemented with the intelligent solutions from PROMOS.

Your benefit

Time savings: The SAP® Electronic Bank Statement enables efficient processing of bank statement data and thus prompt financial management.

Minimisation of effort: The solution’s high level of automation results in less effort for personnel.

End user

  • Bank accountants
  • Accounts receivable accountants

Technical requirements


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