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Subject: Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Accounting

Accounts Receivable Accounting made by PROMOS – manage outstanding claims efficiently

Accounts receivable accounting is generally concerned with outstanding claims against other companies. Keeping track of these constantly is a basic requirement for successful financial management.

The SAP finance module includes extensive accounts receivable accounting. This provides the option of processing business transactions relating to customers in an integral manner. This includes recording outgoing invoices, monitoring and recovering claims, the dunning program as well as analysing and drawing up the receivables portfolio for the reporting system.

PROMOS enhances the Accounts Receivable Accounting in SAP with its own reports and additional applications. These support the user in areas such as the dunning and complaints process, the classification of outstanding claims by due date or in the context of clearing open items.

PROMOS provides a number of additional tools to support users with processing, monitoring and analysing claims.

PROMOS Dunning & Case Record

The PROMOS Dunning & Case Record is available in the real-estate contract in SAP® and allows you to manage all the processes efficiently in the event of dunning or a legal case. Here, you can view histories and current transactions along with their status and create resubmissions or transfer dunning applications to the responsible court.

PROMOS Due Date List

The Due Date List provides a compact overview of the structure of the claims by due date. Free delimitations are possible when selecting the customers/claims to be evaluated.

PROMOS Analysis Tool for Contract Balances

The PROMOS accounts balances presents all claims in a clear and structured manner based on individual selection criteria. A traffic light function shows the amount of the arrears as a proportion of the current rent. A comparison of the general ledger and sub-ledger is also possible.

PROMOS Business Partner Management

Business Partner Management enhances the SAP® standard with countless additional functions, including an activity list for entering notes, reminders or resubmissions.

PROMOS Automatic Clearing

This PROMOS solution allows you to freely select the items to be cleared, thus enabling a more precise delimitation. Automatic clearing of ordinary items and special ledger items is also possible.

PROMOS Contract Accounting

PROMOS Contract Accounting provides extensive analyses tailored to the real-estate industry and contract accounting in order to analyse the claims of customers with reference to the contract.

Altersstrukturliste in der PROMOS Debitorenbuchhaltung
Due Date List: the due dates are displayed on the left in a structured manner and can be totalled

Further information

  • Payment run: The SAP® standard payment run can also be used for customers with collection via direct debit or for transferring credit memos.
  • Interest calculation: SAP® provides a report for automatic interest calculation for outstanding claims.

Your benefit

Efficiency: Various tools and reports are provided that significantly improve the processing processes in the context of accounts receivable accounting.

Usability: The PROMOS enhancements significantly optimise the usability compared with the SAP® standard.

Reduced effort and time savings: The typical business processes for managing, processing, analysing and monitoring claims can be mapped in a manner that is high-performing, clear and concentrates on the key aspects, thus saving the user both time and effort.

End user

  • Receivables managers
  • Accountants (rental accountants, contract accountants)

Technical requirements

  • SAP® FI

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