Portfolio No.: 1031-01
Subject: Asset Accounting

Asset Management

Manage tangible assets optimally with just a few clicks

With asset accounting, SAP provides not just a purely accounting view, but extensive management of all asset master records as well as their processing and assessment.

The standard functions for master record entry, classification in asset classes and individual posting allow you to consistently map all business transactions from procurement and use to potential sale in the ERP system.

In addition to the operational functions, the SAP® standard provides a host of customisable analyses for virtually any addressee. PROMOS has created additional functions that optimise the management of assets.

PROMOS has developed various reports to make asset accounting in SAP® even more efficient.

PROMOS Account Assignment

When creating postings in asset accounting, the accounts to be posted can be determined from Customising. Normally this assignment is not visible to users. The “Read out account assignment” PROMOS report displays which accounts are posted for which asset classes. In certain cases, however, automatic account assignment in Customising is insufficient. In this case, a PROMOS enhancement can be used to override the automatic account assignment for each chart of accounts, account assignment, transaction type and depreciation area.

PROMOS Stock Posting Run for several company codes

In the SAP® standard system, a stock posting run must be triggered individually for each company code. This PROMOS report enables a stock posting run to be performed for several selected company codes at the touch of a button and in a single step, which significantly reduces the amount of work required, particularly in the case of extensive company structures.

PROMOS Depreciation Run for several company codes

This PROMOS report is used to start the periodic depreciation runs for several company codes. In the SAP® Standard, the depreciation runs must be triggered manually for each company code, which leads to a significant amount of effort if there are a lot of company codes.

Anlagengitter in der PROMOS Lösungen zur Anlagenbuchhaltung
The asset history sheet shows the changes in assets.

Your benefit

Time savings: Activities that are usually time-consuming in the SAP® standard system can be output quickly and easily at the push of a button with the aid of PROMOS applications.

End user

  • Asset accountants

Technical requirements

  • SAP® ERP
  • PROMOS / PROREX namespace helpful, can be used as a Z implementation

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