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Subject: Asset Accounting

PROMOS Property Privatisation

Divide assets quickly and with ease

In view of rising rents and increasing uncertainty with regard to financial support in old age combined with declining credit interest rates, the thought of owning their own home is becoming an increasingly attractive prospect to many people. Real estate companies have recently noticed this trend and are once again converting parts of their real estate inventory from rental apartments to residential property to own. This privatisation of residential properties has to be considered separately in the accounts of real estate companies. As a rule, real estate companies’ real estate objects are invested as fixed assets or current assets by building. To map an individual privatisation in the accounts, these buildings have to be divided into individual assets, i.e. into the objects or residential units to be sold.

To avoid having to call up, assign and repost the individual items separately, the PROMOS Property Privatisation solution provides the option of collective posting allowing you to repost assets in SAP®.

The PROMOS Property Privatisation report allows you to automatically divide and repost your fixed and current assets in just a few steps.

Preparing the data

In order to perform the collective posting, you must first ensure that a purchase price is maintained for each sales property. This serves as a basis for determining the carrying amounts for the individual objects / residential units. A simple selection screen then allows you to select the relevant source assets. Parameters such as asset class, target object and suffix are used to define the target asset, i.e. the property to be sold. At this point, you also have the option to specify the activation date for the target asset; otherwise, this is taken from the source asset automatically.

Ready, set... transfer post!

Special transaction types (with historical values or net book values) can be used to transfer post the assets for Property Privatisations. In addition:

  • Different values in the individual depreciation areas can be transfer posted. Depreciation areas are used in asset accounting to map HGP, tax law and IFRS in parallel.
  • Individual depreciation areas can be transfer posted.
  • Net book values can be transfer posted to a depreciation area.
  • Manually specified values can be transfer posted to a depreciation area.

Before your assets are actually transfer posted, a log provides information on all the details, such as the project, the source asset, the individual depreciation areas with the value to be transfer posted, etc. A batch input session is used to post the values in the system automatically in accordance with your specifications. The session is imported into the SAP® system entirely in the background.

Selektionsmaske für die Sammelbuchung von Vermögen in der PROMOS Lösung zur Wohnungsprivatisierung in SAP
Selection screen for collective posting of assets

Further information

  • Asset Explorer: You can see the transfer posted documents in the Asset Explorer for the source and target assets. These can also be measured by means of the transaction types.
  • Simulation: In the simulation, you can first check the result of the transfer posting before the actual transfer posting is carried out.
  • Asset history sheet: The asset history sheet shows the transfer postings in the “Transfer posting” column. The transfer posted depreciation is listed in a separate “Depreciation transfer posting” column.

Your benefit

Time savings: The automatic division of the assets into sales units allows you to save valuable time resources.

Variability: With the PROMOS Property Privatisation solution, you have the option to assign different values to your sales objects.

Automation: The report runs in the background, meaning that the individual items do not have to be processed manually.

End user

  • Asset accountants
  • Asset managers
  • Property managers

Technical requirements

  • from SAP R/3 version 4.6C
  • SAP® FI-AA and PS

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