Portfolio No.: 9108-01
Subject: Year-end Closing and Preparation of Year-end Closing

PROMOS Maintenance Provisions

From creation to reversal – with PROMOS, you are always on the safe side

To preserve the value of a property over the long term, certain maintenance measures need to be performed on a regular basis. If the orders relating to this are open at the end of the fiscal year, the degree of completion needs to be determined and, if necessary, provisions need to be created. The entire process from creation and posting to reversal of the provision can be processed conveniently and with ease using the PROMOS provision solution. The steps are controlled by the system and the required postings are made automatically. This not only makes the process shorter, but also reduces potential errors.

The following three modules are available for the maintenance provisions process.

Preparation for provision

The open orders are displayed in an overview and you can add information to control the processing in the dialogue box. Specific roles with different authorisations are available, allowing you to adjust the provision type and degree of completion.

Provision posting

The provisions are posted automatically based on the processed order items. The posting log provides a detailed presentation of the actions performed and shows the document number of the provision posting.

Reversal of provision

In the following fiscal year, the provisions are reversed as soon as the corresponding purchase orders have been fully processed, i.e. when the invoices have been received and the order process is complete. The open items for the purchase order are automatically cleared in the provision account. The amount for provisions that were not used is reversed.

Bearbeitungsliste zur Rückstellungsvorbereitung von Instandhaltungsrückstellungen
Processing list for provision preparation

Further information

  • Saving processing statuses: Intermediate results when preparing the provisions are saved and can be modified until the final posting.
  • Electronic process controlling: On request, the individual processing steps of the maintenance provision can be supported with easysquare workflow.

Your benefit

Time savings: Processing can be carried out conveniently in a dialogue box, thus saving time and effort.

Transparency: The activities can be traced at any time thanks to detailed logging. In addition, the status of the provisions is displayed visually via coloured highlighting in the processing list. The provisions sheet shows the current status of the provisions at all times.

Completeness: The entire processing of all open maintenance orders is controlled by the program, meaning that no steps can be forgotten, and the risk of errors is thus minimised.

Individualisation: The application can be adjusted to customer-specific requirements through special settings in Customising.

End user

  • Accountants
  • Object managers
  • Asset managers

Technical requirements

  • no requirements, because its own development class

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