Portfolio No.: 9109-01
Subject: Financing and Risk Management

PROMOS CO Integration of Loans

Provide complete information on the current status of your capital at all times

In most cases, loans are only to be used for a specific purpose, and the current status of the capital interests many different areas and groups of people. To do justice to this fact, it is essential that you update the expenses and income in Controlling. For this purpose, the Account Assignment tab from PROMOS allows you to use statistical CO account assignments and real account assignments directly from the loan contract. The account assignment is automatically transferred to the document for every profit / loss posting.

In addition, loan portfolios are often assigned to the individual (real estate) objects. However, this cannot easily be recognised or evaluated in the SAP® system. For this purpose, PROMOS provides you with a special application that allows the loan portfolio to be posted to the controlling object or controlling objects in question in a similar manner to in loan account assignment. In this way, you are able to determine loan burdens on the individual object directly and thus perform the measurement of the financing requirements, the debt rescheduling amounts and even the mortgaging reserves.

In addition to loans, PROMOS also allows you to assign interest payments to specific objects, which can for example be necessary when one or more objects are sold. Broken down to the individual document, the interest can be freely billed to this object or to deviating objects. This procedure is not dependent on periodic accounting in Controlling, but can be performed several times during a period.

Do you have very specific and individual requirements for your loan management? In this case, PROMOS will provide you with a separate customer tab. This allows you to book various account assignments, such as the cost centre, internal order or a real estate object, directly from within the loan. Options include the management of statistical values regarding construction projects for the loan as well as the automatic transfer of partner company information for Group consolidation. Renewal information and links, covenants and information from property management can also be maintained and displayed.

Umbuchungsübersicht in der PROMOS Lösung zur CO-Integration
Transfer posting overview

Your benefit

Optimised processing: Objects with loan burdens can be analysed directly in Controlling without integrating property management or external applications.

Transparency: With PROMOS CO Integration, individual postings can be billed to the objects (e.g. real estate objects or cost centres) according to the requirements, thus enabling an extremely differentiated Controlling view.

Industry-independent: The solution developed by PROMOS was intended for the real estate industry, but can be used just as well in all other industries.

End user

  • Finance departments

Technical requirements

  • SAP® FI
  • SAP® CML

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