Portfolio No.: 9111-01
Subject: Asset Accounting

PROMOS Reporting Asset Management

Powerful tools for successful year-end closing

Reporting in asset accounting is already diverse in the standard system and is sufficient for most interpretations. For other application cases that arise in practice, PROMOS has developed useful enhancements particularly for fast and uncomplicated year-end closing.

As well as outputting data regarding the remaining useful life or asset master records, you can also use the useful PROMOS tools to perform a comparison between the asset ledger and the general ledger, for example. In this way, you are supported not only with simply compiling your data, but also with linking and analysing it.

Master data analysis

The PROMOS application allows you to analyse the asset master records in accordance with predefined selection based on the data stored in the system. The results are output in ALV format, thus providing the typical functions of individualised display and sorting.

Remaining useful life

By taking the output of various master data information into account, this application allows you to clearly present the residual useful lives of assets in years and/or months in ALV format. This eliminates time-consuming selection and research in the asset master records.

Comparison between asset accounting and the general ledger

This application creates a comparison of the account balances in the general ledger with the balances of the assets sub-ledger and shows any differences. The report can be created for the leading depreciation areas as well as all additionally used depreciation areas.

Line item list for assets

After defining criteria in the selection screen, an overview of the account line items for selected assets is created. This function allows the user to compile a posting overview with subtotals, as required. The list can be used for checking postings as part of year-end closing, for example.

SAP Report "Anlagen Einzelposten"
"Asset line items” report

Your benefit

Time savings: Automatic analysis of existing data with extensive selection options considerably reduces the time required compared with the SAP® standard.

Clarity: The results of the PROMOS reports are displayed in a structured manner in ALV lists.

Improved analysis options: With the aid of the PROMOS add-ons, you can have data from various areas linked automatically.

End user

  • Asset accountants
  • Accountants

Technical requirements

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