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Subject: Digital Invoices

PROMOS XRechnung exchange

PROMOS XRechnung exchange takes you to the next level of invoice processing

Invoice receipt and delivery are key administrative processes in every company. To keep the effort for this as low as possible, the creation of a fully electronic workflow that is free from media discontinuities has been the ambition for many years. However, time and again companies come up against a fundamental barrier: how can they build a digital bridge if the sender or recipient insists on postal delivery? The only option was to fall back on a scanner, printer and OCR software.

Now, with the implementation of an EU standard in German legislation, a paradigm shift is taking place. In 2020, the new electronic standard XRechnung became mandatory for the exchange of invoices with authorities. From a technical perspective, this is an XML-based data model that allows for technology-neutral continuous electronic exchange of invoices. In light of the obligation to use XRechnung for exchanging invoices, it can be assumed that this method will gradually become established in the private sector. PROMOS is setting a technological course to enable companies to complete the processing in SAP® and thus achieve the best possible efficiency gains.

XRechnung is required at two different points of the daily work in accounting: for outgoing invoice generation and for incoming invoice processing. This means the in-house SAP® system must be capable of creating XML files in the XRechnung format and of interpreting received XRechnung invoices. We make a number of targeted adjustments to optimise your SAP® system for receiving and creating XRechnung invoices.

Invoice receipt

To ensure that invoice information from XRechnung can be processed in SAP®, mapping is required to convert the invoice content for SAP® tables. The focus on automatic processing means error-prone OCR scans are a thing of the past. This conversion of the invoice content to SAP®-compliant data forms the basis for subsequent system-controlled processing of the invoice with the help of the easysquare invoice receipt workflow. Since the XRechnung is based on a European standard, the invoice XML always remains the same. This significantly reduces the implementation workload and project duration.

Invoice delivery

As outgoing invoices are recorded in SAP®, all the data that is required to generate an XML file in the XRechnung format is always available. The creation can take place collectively using a report in or embedded into existing easysquare processes. Finally, the XRechnung is sent to the recipient, for example as an attachment to an e-mail.

With PROMOS XRechnung exchange, invoices can be both received and created in XML format.

Further information

  • PROMOS XRechnung exchange and easysquare invoice receipt workflow – a perfect pair: The easysquare invoice receipt workflow is the ideal complement to PROMOS XRechnung exchange. After the XRechnung information has been interpreted to SAP®-compliant data, the easysquare invoice receipt workflow controls the further processing on the system side. Responsible employees receive the invoice automatically in their personal work basket for checking, release and/or posting. Absences and representation rules can also be stored, as well as a dual-control principle. As a result, incoming invoices are processed digitally and efficiently one step at a time in your SAP® system.

Your benefit

Legal compliance: XRechnung is the legally binding standard when dealing with public invoice issuers and recipients.

Standardisation: Use the uniform standard when exchanging invoices with the private sector as well to ensure end-to-end electronic processing.

Simple connection: Once the information from the XRechnung invoice has been converted into SAP®-compliant data, it can be further processed with ease using easysquare workflow.

End user

  • Accountants
  • Invoice administrators

Technical requirements

  • SAP® ERP 6.0 or SAP S/4HANA®

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