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Insights into our HR team – Interview with Deborah Rusin, recruiter at PROMOS

What does a recruiter’s daily work look like? How can you apply for a job with us? Learn the answers to these and many other questions in the interview with Deborah.

Hi Debby! It’s great that you’re here. Could you briefly tell us how long you’ve been with PROMOS?

Deborah: Thank you for the invite. I’ve been at PROMOS since August 2023. My work has been very interesting and promising from the very beginning. I particularly enjoy the flexibility and option to organise my tasks freely. I love working with people and look forward to every interview I get to have with a candidate. I’m currently doing a lot of work in recruitment and, alongside job interviews, I also provide support at recruitment fairs. Together with my colleagues Sophie Zillekens and Elias Manhart, I am also involved with a practice-based project at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau to get to know new students.

That sounds very exciting. What is your favourite part of your work?

Deborah: My favourite part of my work is exchanging ideas with colleagues or applicants. Cooperation both within my team and throughout the entire company is very pleasant and enjoyable. Thanks to my work in recruitment, I have already been able to get to know a lot of specialist departments such as software development and SAP consulting. I also meet a lot of people at fairs or through our cooperation with universities. I like the fact that we are all different personalities and work together as a team to move PROMOS forward.

Does your job in recruitment also bring challenges with it?

Deborah: Two years before joining PROMOS, I worked at a recruitment agency. My everyday working life involved a lot of pressure and time-critical tasks. At PROMOS, I can organise my daily work flexibly. I really like this new working environment. Despite this, I found the transition a little challenging. Additionally, we have a lot of departments at PROMOS that all have different focus areas. We are not just a leading SAP consultant for the real estate industry; lots of software developers also work for us. As a result, in recruitment it is often a challenge to meet all the requirements of the various departments. However, I can also learn a lot of new things from this which I am very grateful for.

Can you describe a typical day as an HR manager or recruiter at PROMOS?

Deborah: It’s difficult to provide a blanket response to that question since every day is different. The most important thing is to start every day with a smile, and usually there is also a quick check-in with the team first thing in the morning. I then check for new e-mails or incoming applications in our applicant management system. Alongside this, we coordinate interviews – both for our team and the specialist departments. Active sourcing plays an important role for us as well. That means we proactively search for suitable new employees for our team on various platforms. Often, we need to do a lot of multitasking, since we of course also receive in-house requests at short notice. My husband says I’m getting better at multitasking all the time. ;-)

In addition to daily recruiting tasks, I’m currently also organising a pizza and games evening for our youngsters. All PROMOS working students, interns and trainees from all departments can participate. This variety is one of the things I particularly enjoy in my daily work. Every day is different and brings new, exciting tasks.

How would you describe your HR team in three words?

Deborah: Variety. Power. Humanity.

Many thanks, Debby, for the exciting insights into your everyday working life at PROMOS.

We are hiring and are always on the look out for new talents for our teams!

You can discover a wide range of current job postings in our job portal. We make your start at PROMOS easy, so we have also kept our application process short.

The recruitment process at PROMOS is straightforward and convenient. For your application, we initially just need your CV and any available job references and certificates and/or proof of your current student status. We will then check your documents and the individual department that you are best suited to. You will then participate in two interviews:

  1. A telephone interview with HR
  2. A technical interview with your potential new colleagues online via MS Teams
  3. Optional: An opportunity to get to know us in person on site

In our interviews, we ensure, above all, that we are a match in terms of personality. We are curious and want to get to know you as a person. You will also gain authentic insights into our company and what everyday working life with us is like.

Do you have questions regarding the application process?

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