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Implementation of a new integrated operating system for Investa Real Estate

Investa Real Estate has been developing properties in Germany for 45 years. The central focus of their service portfolio is on project development of high-quality office and administrative buildings, hotels and health centres as well as selected residential construction projects. Since 2013, Investa has been developing innovative investment models for institutional investors in the investment management field. In 2016, Investa Real Estate decided to issue a new call for tenders for its ERP system.
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The ERP system to be implemented needed, above all, to be capable of covering all business processes while at the same time minimising the necessity for additional modules and, in addition, being open to the integration of other systems should they become necessary. “It was clear to us at an early stage that, by launching a new system, we not only wanted to support financial processes, but, with an integrated approach, also business processes in the areas of property management, project development and controlling. Other important factors were the future-compatibility of the system and long-term, end-to-end support,” says Werner Weich, project manager for the SAP® implementation and authorised signatory for Investa, explaining the reasons for inviting tenders.

Having selected PROMOS, Investa Real Estate decided to implement PROMOS.GT on the basis of the SAP S/4 HANA® Enterprise Management ERP system, on-premise edition 1511. Explaining the decision, project manager Weich emphasises one point in particular: “In the market, PROMOS is renowned for its considerable industry experience and, with PROMOS.GT, provides a tried-and-tested solution library that is open to modifications.”

Werner Weich, project manager for the SAP® implementation and authorised signatory for Investa

The project was divided into two phases: First of all, phase one looked at the company’s core topics, which included various SAP® modules as well as the implementation of supporting workflows. Following an initial kick-off meeting, implementation of the first project package was started. By March of next year, the topics in the second work package will have been completed. “Even today, before the second project phase has finished, we are benefiting from the enormous range of functions that the new system provides. The added value that we had hoped for is already beginning to be apparent,” Weich is pleased to report.

The openness to enhancements and the ability to implement new ideas and make adjustments to suit individual concepts went down well with the entire team. From now on, for example, on-site tasks can be fully supported with the easysquare mobile app. In switching to the new ERP system, Investa Real Estate has taken a giant step towards a digital future.


Ingo Zander

Ingo Zander

Director Consulting Facility & Construction Management

PROMOS consult

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