Success Story

Mobile project management – efficiently manage internal pipe rehabilitation projects and orders

Almost any mobile solution relating to professional real-estate management can be realised with easysquare. One example of this is the success story of the TUBUS SYSTEM app, which has been in use since last year and has already demonstrably considerably increased the efficiency of project management.


TUBUS SYSTEM is the provider of an innovative procedure for internal pipe rehabilitation. More than 150,000 pipes have now been rehabilitated using the relining procedure from TUBUS SYSTEM and its certified partner companies. Last year, easysquare developed a corresponding organisational tool for project management. From the request to commissioning the project and through to order management, the app integrates all the business partners. This allows communications with partner companies, consultants and employees to be implemented fully and easily via the app.

Who can use the app?

TUBUS SYSTEM employees and partner companies can easily create requests in the app and edit assigned orders following activation by TUBUS SYSTEM. Depending on the processing status, the order is forwarded to the relevant business partner’s area of responsibility. Automatic status messages are generated for this to provide information on the transition to the next work step. If there are many actors and work steps involved in project management, this saves a significant amount of time and increases efficiency considerably.

TUBUS SYSTEM App powered by easysquare

Figure 1: The TUBUS SYSTEM app.

Valuable even before the project starts

The app is already hugely important before the project even starts. For one thing, the project is commissioned quickly and effectively within the app. In the event of a project request, it can easily be agreed whether TUBUS SYSTEM or one of its certified partner companies will accept the order. In addition, easy and seamless documentation of the property to be renovated (building type, roof type, floor, number of residential units or electricity connection) takes place in the app even before the project starts. All the information on the property can be entered with ease and effortlessly supplemented with photos and documents. Milestones and check lists can also be used. These guide the user through the app in a user-friendly manner.

Project performance made easy

While the order is being processed, all those involved are kept up to date at all times. The app contains and refers to information that is required to complete a project successfully. Depending on the current project status, the user is requested to enter certain information or upload the relevant documents.

Before the project can be completed, the app provides an important function – recording quality assessment measures. For example, for acceptance, it is necessary to precisely record which measures and services have been performed. The acceptance is performed using the principle of dual control – based on recordings on site and confirmation by the technician with his signature. The app again generates automatic status messages for this. The logs can be downloaded, sent by e-mail and printed. In the last step, the final invoice can be created transparently and easily.

TUBUS SYSTEM App powered by easysquare

Figures 2+3: Managing project requests (left). Adding the project data (right).

Prospect of further functions

easysquare works continuously to enhance and develop the mobile solutions in the interests of the customer. There will also be further development stages for the TUBUS SYSTEM app. For example, more functions will be added to the reporting this year. The newest feature is the option to analyse the number of projects by status. The objective is to be able to perform detailed analyses, for example in order to display the number of transactions for a defined time period, status, or sales area or for a business partner.

In addition, we are planning to integrate property managers as well as tenants and owners into the project management process. This will allow the app to be used even more efficiently and all the information to also be exchanged with the tenant/owner and manager. The function for saving milestones is also to be enhanced. For example, it will be possible to show sub-projects. This is particularly beneficial for large projects. The integration of the milestones into a calendar can also be used for appointment monitoring.

Alexander Eysert, TUBUS Managing Director


The easysquare app provides TUBUS SYSTEM with an individually tailored, intelligent mobile solution for project management. Thanks to the systematic and user-friendly application, the company has already achieved a significant increase in efficiency when implementing internal pipe repair projects. And the users benefit too, says TUBUS SYSTEM Managing Director, Alexander Eysert: “Both our employees and our partner companies are extremely satisfied with the new app solution. Time-consuming coordination work by post, e-mail or phone is no longer necessary. The capacity utilisation, approval or rejection of a project, as well as its implementation, are transparent and traceable at all times. During processing, too, the status and further measures are clearly visible – and the handling is quick and easy. Our conclusion: an absolute improvement that we no longer can or want to do without in today’s digitised world.”

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