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Dortmund-based housing company DOGEWO21 is an innovative pioneer in its field. Since 2021, it has integrated another successful tool, the tenant app, into its digital strategy and everyday operations. It also quickly found a mobile solution to meet the new EED requirements – a solution that is expedient and satisfactory for all parties. PROMOS has accompanied DOGEWO21 throughout these changes as a digitisation partner for some 20 years now. The results? Very positive feedback from tenants and an operational flexibility that more than meets the demands of today’s competitive market. What do 20 years of successful cooperation look like? How did it all start back then? And what might the future hold in terms of digitisation in the real estate industry? These questions and more were put to Klaus Graniki, Managing Director of DOGEWO21. Read on to find out what he particularly appreciates about the PROMOS method of working and which projects he is looking forward to.

1. DOGEWO21 has been working with PROMOS for some 20 years now. What triggered the original decision to work together all those years ago?

Klaus Graniki: At that time, there were various developments on the supplier market and a few different software systems to choose from. It became apparent that a new product with SAP® offered a good basis for the housing industry. It boasted secure business management processes and company control with well-designed instruments. Back then, PROMOS was a start-up company. Nevertheless, some of its employees had already had a lot of experience with SAP®. We issued a call for tenders and PROMOS was awarded the contract thanks to the company’s compelling presentation and its employees’ sound market assessment.

2. How important is the digitisation of processes and procedures in your company?

Graniki: Digitisation is one of the hottest topics in the housing industry. It is relevant to process optimisation and corporate management. Many process developments would not even be possible without digitisation. Modern technology is helping to lighten employees’ workload significantly. In addition, digital measures also make it more efficient and easier to stay in touch with customers.

At DOGEWO21, for example, we started with the repair person call system and continued with the easysquare tenant app. Tenant communication now mainly takes place via the app. This also makes processes easier for the housing company, that is, for us. Instead of having to report a dripping tap by phone, you can trigger a process via the tenant app. Obviously this saves a lot of administrative effort.

3. What are the biggest benefits of digitisation for you as a company?

Graniki: For us, the greatest advantages are in the area of corporate governance. There are important elements here in the context of process optimisation, for example for controlling or accounting. Accounting is being completely redesigned as a result of digitisation. It is now structured so that you can make plans and organise activities within the company in advance. Efficiency and automation are major factors for us, but employee and tenant satisfaction are also vital. If we can manage to align all of these, as we’ve done with PROMOS, then we are on the right track.

4. What would you like to work on in the future?

Graniki: In future, we’d like to be able to include certain graphic elements in an application. We’ve talked about a digital rental contract for some time, but other far more complex options are also under discussion. For example, various elements of an apartment inspection could be mapped virtually. There are many similar topics that could strongly appeal to the customer base and housing companies in the future.

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5. What joint projects with PROMOS are in the pipeline?

Graniki: We have already completed a number of joint projects, such as the tenant app and the electronic residential property inspection. So we have excellent products that are constantly being used and optimised. We will also keep a watchful eye on what products arrive on the market in future. There will be innovations that play a role in our cooperation and that we can optimise together. As a flexible and dynamic company, we don’t just buy off-the-shelf products. We work together to develop new solutions. At PROMOS we get tailor-made solutions that are adapted to our company.

6. Which working methods will stand the test of time?

Graniki: The multifaceted expansion of digitisation will continue to be a hot topic. We will probably encounter working methods that are beyond our imagination today. However, in the housing industry, maintaining a personal relationship with customers is still the most important concern and will remain so in the future. You can only rent out property to people that you see and get along with. So, people, along with digitisation, will continue to be a key focus in future.

7. How do you see your future cooperation with PROMOS?

Graniki: Simple. Let’s keep up the good work! Our cooperation is sound and as long as we keep doing what we’re doing, we’ll derive great value from it and PROMOS will also continue to develop. Our relationship is business-like and professional and our joint strategic developments have thrived over the last 20 years. My employees’ satisfaction rating is also very high. So everything is going according to plan and can stay that way.

Thank you for the interview.


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Klaus Graniki, Managing Director of DOGEWO21

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