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PROMOS consult awards scholarships for more than € 1,800 for a visit abroad

On 24th May 2014, for the sixth time, the Berlin-based software and process consulting house PROMOS consult awarded a student from the Wildau University of Applied Science with € 1,800 for a three-month-stay abroad.

JJohn Möller, a bachelor student in his fourth semester at the TH Wildau studies European management, is very excited about the jury’s decision in his favour: “With this support I can fully concentrate on the professional aspects of my three-month-stay in Spain, where I want to gain experience in an operating agency for language study travels, internships and voluntary work in Barcelona. After all, this scholarship largely covers my living expenses.“

“The goal of this program is to support outstanding qualified and academic talents” says Jens Kramer, founder and CEO of the PROMOS consult GmbH. “At the same time we want to support and push the development of innovative ideas.” With this scholarship the company wants to connect with young talents at universities and so avoid the well-known industry problem of recruiting junior employees.

Every student matriculated in a Bachelor or Master degree course of “European Management” or “Economy and Law” can apply. Awards are based on innovative essays dealing with practice-oriented and scientific topics from the sections business administration, management strategy, processes and organisation. More information can be found on www.openpromos.com/en/career/scholarship.

At the moment there are two young people undergoing training at PROMOS consult. The focus is on commercial jobs for marketing communication, businessmen/-women and technicians for IT-specific activities and students of a dual-study system of business administration. Every year, the company looks for new apprentices in August. Any interested applicant can write to ausbildung@promos-consult.de.

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