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Rapid help for finding an apartment: PROMOS consult develops berlinovo app

PROMOS consult, the specialist for software solutions in the real estate business, has been tasked with providing the mobile technology to implement berlinovo's apartment concept. The realisation and launch of the berlinovo app was rapid.

Students can use the app to book available berlinovo apartments quickly and straightforwardly. The new app is already available to download for iOS and Android or as a web app.

“Our digitalisation solution easysquare mobile has enabled us to considerably expand berlinovo's existing offering in the area of tenants' services and to make it more flexible,” said Jens Kramer, CEO of PROMOS consult. “Easysquare offers the basis for further innovative features. Providing a kit of solutions means we can continue helping berlinovo to expand its pioneering position as an innovative provider of short-term accommodation in future,” added Kramer.

The app contains a simple apartment search function with filter options, clear property profiles and pictures of the individual apartments. Data entered in the app can be easily processed by berlinovo's central IT facilities thanks to easysquare integration.

berlinovo plans to build more than 2,500 homes for students in Berlin by 2020. The new app solution is aimed initially at students and will help them to quickly and easily find an apartment. berlinovo manages some 17,400 residential units, 6,500 furnished apartments and 2,160 commercial units across Germany (portfolio as of 1 January 2017).

Easysquare is a unique digital solution for setting up, operating and networking real estate marketplaces with mobile apps. All users can access the networking platform using standard devices such as tablets, smartphones or PCs. The easysquare platform is accessed via the easysquare mobile app for iOS or Android or via browser in the web app. Modern industry standards such as HTML5 form the basis for future compatibility and wide availability. Connection to the ERP system in question ensures that procedures run automatically and without errors, and controlled processes guarantee demonstrable time savings and cost reductions.

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