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Digitisation boom in the real-estate industry: easysquare sets benchmarks

The real-estate industry is lagging behind with digitisation was a headline in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper in the summer. However, the digital transformation is changing traditional markets and does not stop at the real-estate industry. Around 15 percent of housing companies in Germany now offer service apps for their tenants, and the number is rising.

An important partner and all-round digitisation expert is PROMOS consult, which has been THE provider of IT services in the real-estate sector for 20 years. It combines its innovations in the areas of apps and digitisation under the easysquare brand.

“The demand is huge,” says CEO Jens Kramer. “With the projects that have already been implemented and the order books for this year, our digital solutions will visibly transform the housing market in 2018.”

In the previous quarter alone, six new major projects introducing mobile processes were concluded all the way from northern Germany to Switzerland. This means that, in the coming months, digital easysquare solutions will be available to more than half a million tenants. Rental contracts, operating costs statements and damage reports will all be dealt with quickly and easily using a tenant app.

Kramer’s predication: “Many housing companies have realised that they need to respond to the changing ways in which people are communicating. Above all, this is a win–win situation for both sides, as introducing our apps means a definite increase in efficiency for landlords. Studies have shown that using mobile devices in combination with appropriate software solutions reduces process times by more than 50 percent.

In view of the significant gains in efficiency, we expect the use of mobile devices with dedicated software solutions to achieve ever more acceptance in the real-estate industry. We are pleased to be helping build this future with our know-how as an IT expert and innovative partner.”

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