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Student from Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences wins scholarship from PROMOS consult

The PROMOS consult scholarship for internships abroad was won this year by Daniel Berger, a Bachelor’s student at the Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences. In relation to this scholarship, Mr Berger has been awarded EUR 1,800 as a living allowance for a three-month internship abroad in the summer of 2018.

On the occasion of this year’s University Information Day at the Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences on 26 May, Prof. Bertil Haack and Mr Jens Kramer, CEO of PROMOS consult, formally presented the scholarship certificate to the lucky winner. The scholarship was awarded for the tenth time this year.

The prize-winner, Daniel Berger, is studying for a Bachelor’s degree in European Management and also works as a health ambassador at the Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences. In his dissertation on the topic of “Automation in hospitals, care homes and advice centres in the German social and healthcare system”, he examines the significance of automated processes. Linked to this, there is also the question of providing more effective care to live up to the challenge of increasing groups of the population needing care in Germany.

“With this prize, we are supporting particularly talented and qualified young scientists and at the same time we are promoting the development of fresh, new ideas,” said Jens Kramer. “During the ten-year history of the PROMOS scholarship, we have encountered many original ideas with scientific and practical links. They are an excellent incentive for us to constantly go on developing as a company.”

The Berlin-based software and consulting company is also on the look-out for young lateral thinkers and creative minds at other colleges and universities in Brandenburg and Berlin. Chief Operations Officer, Torsten Friedel, will give students at Brandenburg Technical University a practical insight into the company in a guest lecture on 12 June. Fabian Keil, Director Consulting Real Estate, will answer questions in an interview about the internship of the month at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences. The next trade-show dates for the company are 14 June (Brandenburg TUAS), 7 November (Viaduct Frankfurt/Oder), 15 November (Wildau TUAS-Connect) and 5 December (Made in Berlin).

In addition, PROMOS consult is once again offering a post as a trainee office management agent this year. If you are interested, please apply to ausbildung@promos-consult.de.

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