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Financial support for study abroad – PROMOS consult supports young scientists with scholarship

In accordance with the motto “Wanted: lateral thinks and creative minds”, the PROMOS consult scholarship for an internship abroad was granted to a young student at the Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences.

Prof. Bertil Haack presented the scholarship certificate to the lucky winner at this year’s University Information Day on 25 May.

For her competition entry on the topic “Attractiveness of German University and Research Locations”, Ulrike Vogt developed an innovative consulting model as well as tools to identify and improve universities with weak campus infrastructure, thus winning over the jury of experts. “Innovative, practical and showing methodical academic rigour,” read the summary by Prof. Haack, who has headed the selection committee of university and PROMOS representatives since the scholarship was created in 2009. “Ms. Vogt has thus met all requirements of the scholarship,” elaborated Jens Kramer, CEO and founder of PROMOS consult.

University education is expensive. A large share of the expenses go toward rent, groceries and learning materials – all of this before additional tuition fees are even factored in. For many, this means that money is tight by the end of the month. The goal of the funding programme is to grant students more flexibility and encourage them to pursue opportunities abroad.

Vogt will enjoy an allowance of €1,800 for her three-month internship in Finland. “I’m really excited! The scholarship allows me to pursue this study-abroad opportunity without taking on any financial burdens and grants me the freedom to gain experience at the international level and make connections abroad,” Vogt said in her remarks. Her adventure begins on 1 July 2019, when she starts her internship at FinEq International Oy in Finland.

“Supporting talented young people so that they can concentrate on their training while they are abroad – that is the goal of our scholarship, which has become a tradition,” Kramer said. The PROMOS consult scholarship was established ten years ago along with the company’s cooperation with Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences. The scholarship competition is open to all students at the university who are enrolled in the Bachelor’s or Master’s programs in “European management” or “Business and law”. The goal of the program is to support especially qualified members of the next generation of scientists. “We place great importance on the connection between science and practice as well as establishing early contact with potential applicants,” Kramer continued.

Once again this year, the Berlin consulting firm PROMOS consult is actively recruiting young talent. After participating in both Jobwunder (TU Berlin’s university fair) and Connecticum (another career fair in Berlin) in the spring, further dates are planned for later this year in Berlin (Made in Berlin, 28 November) as well as Kassel (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Career Fair, 25 June) and Dortmund. From high school internships to training programs and university student jobs – the offering for interested young people is already diverse and always expanding. In addition to 41 university students, three interns and two trainees currently employed at PROMOS, three more trainees will be joining the company this year.

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