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PROMOS consult is laying the groundwork for the future

PROMOS consult, the best-performing provider of SAP business consulting for real estate management in Europe, is restructuring in preparation for future growth.

The SAP Consulting business unit is being expanded with two new divisions. In future, the Consulting and Training Division will be where PROMOS offers training for SAP consultants. The focus of this new division will be on the quality and performance of the training as well as connecting SAP and industry knowledge.

“PROMOS’ ability to provide high-quality training for consultants in-house, which has evolved over many years, is a competitive advantage,” stresses Jens Kramer, CEO of PROMOS. “Given the challenges in finding skilled workers, our aim is to get even better at this. We believe it is one of the keys to our future growth.”

The new Customer Services Division will map the market segments of the real estate industry. Customers will receive support from consultants with industry experience in a dedicated Customer Service Group (CSG) based on the specific market segment. PROMOS expects the new CSGs to increase the efficiency with which it implements customers’ strategic objectives, as well as make it easier for customers to access solutions and consulting services.

Internally, PROMOS experts work in expert groups (EGs) that also focus on customer communication. With its current workforce, PROMOS dedicates approximately 2,000 person days to the EGs, thus strengthening its industry focus and driving forward innovation. We are showcasing our expert groups as a way for us to exchange information with the market – more broadly and directly than ever before,” Kramer is pleased to note.

In addition, the Consulting business unit bundles all its planning tasks from the initial inquiry right through to project completion on a “project board”. The previously separate Sales organisation has been dissolved and its tasks reassigned to this central management structure within Consulting.

With this restructuring, the role of Chief Sales Officer Thoralf Beyer no longer exists, and he is leaving the company at his own request. Kramer has a personal farewell message for his colleague of many years: “Thoralf will be leaving us at his own request on 31 December 2023. We are very sad to see him go because, in Thoralf, we are losing a valuable manager. We would like to wish him all the best for his future career.”

By expanding its structures while simultaneously streamlining processes, the company is laying the groundwork for future growth – both nationally and internationally. PROMOS solutions are used in almost 20 European countries, and this number is rising, the management in Berlin announced.

The experienced industry expert has developed an extensive software portfolio over the course of its 25-year company history. Moreover, the Consulting team advises companies in the housing, real estate and construction industries on introducing complex and tailored IT solutions. Over the past year alone the PROMOS team has led its customers to success in 325 projects.

Kramer assumed operational management for the Consulting area in December of last year. He believes that the reputation the Berlin-based consulting and system house has acquired in the German and European real estate industry is all down to the team, the customer-focused consulting services and the company’s values: “We want to be better tomorrow than we are today. We make our customers more successful. We provide orientation for our employees and, in this way, are laying the groundwork for future growth.”

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