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PROMOS consult and bots4you launch groundbreaking cooperation for AI chatbot integration

PROMOS consult, the leading IT service provider for the real estate industry, is now cooperating with the AI company bots4you. This groundbreaking collaboration combines PROMOS’s IT expertise with bots4you’s market-leading AI technologies to drive digital transformation in the real estate industry.

By integrating virtual assistants (chatbots) into the easysquare cloud, PROMOS customers benefit from personalised 24/7 customer service for current and potential tenants. The assistants answer many relevant questions for users, provide information on real estate offers and create qualified reports. The integrated multilingual functionality promotes equal opportunities and removes language barriers. In a second step, PROMOS customers will also be able to benefit from voicebots for telephone customer service.

Jens Kramer, CEO of PROMOS consult, on the partnership with bots4you:
“Chatbots in mobile solutions are one of the most exciting developments in recent years. They’re revolutionising the way people interact with apps and deliver unique benefits to businesses and users alike. With bots4you, we’re integrating the leading AI-based communication solution on the market. You’ll be impressed by its industry know-how and ability to adapt to customers.”

Mervan Miran, managing director of bots4you, adds:
“With PROMOS as a strong partner in the real estate industry, we will be able to greatly increase the use of trustworthy and privacy-compliant AI in real estate companies’ communication. We look forward to the future innovations that this partnership will bring.”

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