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You want to drive innovation, develop ideas and create something new? Then PROMOS is just right for you. We are looking for employees who are passionate about their product ideas – who inspire colleagues and customers alike, enjoy their work and have the drive to develop and implement their visions.

Wanted: drivers of innovation

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Wait a minute! What exactly is easysquare? To put it simply: under this brand, PROMOS provides a forward-looking digital solution that simplifies real-estate business processes through online portals and apps for property managers, tenants, potential tenants and service providers.

Many questions must be answered when we develop new apps. Which functions would impress our customers? How should the interface look? And how can we utilise feedback to continually improve the customer experience? Our easysquare team finds answers to these questions.

The product management team achieves this by working in agile projects and coordinates the entire process, from the requirements analysis to app development and all the way to the finished product. At the same time, our employees analyse the market and are always on the lookout for new trends and movements in the real estate sector. This process is fostered through creative and experimental thinking in a number of areas to reinforce the customer focus, making this a crucial skill for our product managers.

Come and see what our product managers have to say about their daily working life at PROMOS...

Your path to PROMOS

There are two paths to working in product management at PROMOS – vocational training or a degree programme. During your training or university studies, you should specialise in product management. It is naturally also possible to broaden your horizons with us and take on other tasks. It is important that you choose the occupation that you enjoy and find motivating.

You should be daring – it is very important to us that our employees proactively confront challenges and develop an independent sense of initiative.

PROMOS is looking for colleagues who enjoy working in a flexible and innovative environment. For this reason, it is important that you are also able to sometimes work outside of established processes, react flexibly, incorporate your ideas and especially to develop your full potential at PROMOS. We make this possible for you through short decision-making paths, flat hierarchies and many opportunities for development.

Other useful skills:

  • You enjoy working in a team and value team cohesion.
  • You show great perseverance and enjoy working on projects.
  • You develop innovative ideas and have visions for the future that you want to see emerging and growing and to share with your colleagues and customers.
  • You are persuasive, allowing you to engage customers as well as your colleagues.

To create the ideal foundation for your individual career planning at PROMOS, we work with our market-standard career model. The classification is transparent and binding, based on qualitative and quantitative competence criteria. We support you with various measures to develop your potential and reach the next level of your career.

More information about our career model

You can prove many years of work experience? Great, we highly value your professional experience. You can put your strengths to good use at PROMOS and support your younger colleagues in expanding their knowledge. Furthermore, you can build on your experience and develop further with us.

You have no job experience? No problem! We will help develop your expertise with our training and mentor program.

Our goal is to be a modern employer that makes its employees happy and responds to their needs. To implement this goal, PROMOS offers agile work opportunities, flexible working hours and 30 days of annual leave.

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