Modern Data Metro Instead of Antique Pedicab

In a local public transport it is unthinkable to transport every single passenger from the starting point to the final destination. It would not only be inefficient, but it would also lead to a stillstand inevitably. The same can be projected onto the IT. If you want to transfer data from one system to another for example, it offers to make use of an interface instead of transferring data manually step by step. The interface then functions as a mass transportation in a metaphorical sense.

For this purpose a universal posting interface of PROMOS exists. This is especially suitable to transfer loads of data from a foreign system to SAP®. But the field of application is not limited for only that scenario. Just like the metro offers different connections for different terminals and destination points, the universal posting interface can be used for different masses of transfers as well. The compact and clever tool also proved to be useful for a change from SAP® to SAP HANA® or for collective postings and mass cancellations. E. g. imagine a cost centre in your company is renamed. Loads of work for the financial department? With the universal posting interface those corrections can be processed for masses of data automatically.

And the application is extremely simple. The required data are edited into a predefined structure in Excel or test form. After loading the file a simulation can be performed, which detects possible errors, e. g. empty fields, early and edits them if necessary. Afterwards the universal posting interface generates a batch-input-folder, which contains all transferred information. Batch-input-folders can be played back comfortably in the background. The advantage is that the import of data happens unnoticed and completely automated. A follow-up of the import or a direct detail view of the transfer is still possible.

The fields of application of the universal posting interface are completely independent of type and industry of the acting company. For example collective postings for invoices for energy service providers can be processed as well. The transfer of data happens quickly, safely and not complicated in every case.

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