Committed Studying Pays Off – PROMOS Awards This Year´s Scholarship To Luise Krüger

Also this year PROMOS awarded a scholarship of 1,800 € to a committed student of the Wildau University of Applied Science. With an innovative project paper students were able to qualify for the financing of an internship abroad. This year the prize was awarded to the 22 year old Bachelor student Luise Krüger on 28th of May 2016, who turned in a paper with the title “Companies Changing”.

PROMOS decided to encourage academic young talent with an appropriate scholarship and support the commitment and the ideas on innovative management of Luise Krüger this year.

The TH Wildau student Luise Krüger is interested in European and international management and has already gained experiences abroad at an early age. During her time at school she has worked in a home for disabled in Peru for four weeks, by supporting the work with children living there and strengthening their cultural competences. Besides that, she has done a voluntary social year in Spain and got to know the administrative sector at school.

At the University of Applied Science Luise Krüger studies “European Management” and wants to gain even more skills in another stay abroad. “I´m planning on doing an internship abroad in the service sector and from this internship I´m expecting to get deep insight on the work life”, she explains. Because of that she participated at the annual selection process for the PROMOS scholarship and sewed it up with her convincing project paper about changing companies. She reasoned the relevance of her topic with the internal and external changes, which demand a steady change in her opinion: “Especially in times, in which technology, innovation and globalisation get faster and keep developing, an adjustment of strategic and organisational operations to these innovations is unavoidable”, Luise Krüger concludes in her paper.

“After I get my bachelor´s degree I want to continue with my education by getting a master´s degree and then I can imagine working in an international acting company. I would like to live in a foreign country for a part of my life.”

PROMOS wishes good luck for the future!

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