Bank Statement Processing with SAP® EHP6: New functions facilitate comfort and time-savings

EHP6 makes it possible to adjust electronic processing of bank statements to the specific requirements of the customer and to define specific business processes at the same time. The defined processes are linked to an own accounting logic. That way they are available to the electronic bank statement processing. The particular items of the bank statement become assigned to the corresponding business transaction. This assignment can be adjusted during the processing of the bank statement.

Every single process contains settings to the interpretation algorithm, to the selection of displayed tabs, to the used account type and to the selection of research criteria in those tabs. SAP®  provides a range of standard processes that can be extended to own company specific processes with the new bank statement processing with EHP6 . Those standard processes can be external applications, business partner settlements, payments with advice notes, cashed checks, medium exchange, unknown processes or interests and charges. In order to use those new functions for the extension of own company specific processes, SAP® offers new operations for postprocessing of bank statements.

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