A New Design for Easysquare Workflow

Easysquare workflow is the new brand of PROMOS for simple and intelligent process management, which allows the execution of entire business processes across several applications. For a transparent and user-friendly presentation the activity-oriented process landscape will get a new and modern design in January.

From experiences with projects and our customers we have developed the surface and their intuitive symbols comprehensively and extended easysquare workflow by useful features, which all our customers profit from. More information on this follow at another point.

With theProcess Cockpityou can always overlook the status at a glance. It supports the structural editing of your processes and gives you a transparent overview of the current work progress. The employee is guided through the process through a single thread – from the start of the process to the project closure. At a glance the employee gets to see which process steps have to be edited next and no tasks can be forgotten.

The editing window is divided into three clear parts:

  • The process header contains general data, such as the real estate property, the status and the name of the process. Notes can be created for the process, which can give further useful information if several employees are involved.
  • The process structure visualizes every process step. Colours and icons provide information on the particular process step. 
  • In the process details, the step is executed with all the planned activities.
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