SÜDEWO relies on easysquare workflow with its invoice management

The SÜDEWO Süddeutsche Wohnen group – with about 20,000 units one of the largest holders of housing portfolios in Baden-Wuerttemberg – has ceased the manual processing of its incoming invoices on 7th November 2014. Now the company relies on the electronic solution based on easysquare workflow instead.

Doing so, the SÜDEWO combines digital processing of invoices through easysquare workflow with services of an external scan-service provider. The electronic invoice-receipt-workflow opens up a variety of optimization and saving potentials for the company. This way, costs can be reduced through efficient distribution and archiving techniques during the processing of incoming invoices and processing times can be shortened.

Considerable time savings go with the electronic assessments of completeness and consistency of the invoice data sets. Release processes can be conceived and implemented individually meeting the user’s requirements. The focus lays on a lean process design without disregarding the individual company’s specifications. Overall, processes become more efficient, safer and more transparent. This way the particular employees are able to immediately retrieve information to customers and suppliers as well as colleagues and the executive board.

In many companies the processing of incoming invoices still goes with considerable manual efforts. Often, many employees are involved in the process, which makes an entry of invoices per post after several days or even weeks likely. Considering this time and personnel effort more and more companies shift to an electronic invoice-receipt-workflow. Another reason is the fact that electronically sent invoices in the form of PDF-documents or as e-invoices become more relevant and gain interests. The invoice circulation in hard copies becomes less contemporary in this background.

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