With the use of easysquare workflow PROMOS consult helps the Gewobag providing a completely integrated rent arrears-consulting

Since 08/20/2014 the Gewobag MB uses easysquare workflow (former OPPC) exclusively as a completely integrated tool in SAP® for the realisation of rent arrears-consulting.

A holistic supervision of debtors is a part of the sustainable business-philosophy of the Gewobag enterprise. In order to implement this supervision process solution-oriented, not only intensive consulting for defaulting tenants is necessary, but also a suitable and efficient technical support is required. Together with PROMOS experts the process of rent arrears-consulting has been changed and depicted in process steps for easysquare workflow. Single work steps can be monitored and edited at any time. The Gewobag MB gets the order to process remaining arrears directly in SAP® with an automated report from the corporate parent. Those particular, predefined work steps for the order process are deposited in the easysquare workflow-work basket of the responsible employee.

From the first contacting and consulting to the point of finding a solution all substeps can be edited in the application and their results can be documented directly in SAP®. This way high transparency within the enterprise is created and the volume of work can be adjusted reasonably. The work progress and all captured information can be inspected by the involved employees of the parent and associated company. Previous, inconveniently maintained Excel lists become superfluous. A monthly automated report informs about the progress as well as balanced and remained demands.

The process proceeds completely automated in SAP®, which is highly efficient due to much shorter processes, lower error rates and higher transparency and simplifies the cooperation.

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