Support Of Families With Seriously Ill Children – PROMOS Supports the Björn-Schulz-Foundation

If children suffer from a life-shortening disease the entire family is always affected. The voluntary Björn-Schulz-Foundation offers those families comprehensive support, beyond medical therapies, and is in need of a lot help from the outside. In cooperation with the agency for social cooperation, PROMOS and the head of the foundation Elisabeth Leipholz have brought a fund-raising campaign under the slogan “Donate once, help twice” into being within the employees.

The fund-raising campaign „Donate once, help twice“ was designed that every amount donated by employees was doubled by PROMOS and benefited the charitable contribution. On the one hand a workshop for blinds, which builds premium quality toys for children, was benefited this way, on the other hand the wooden toys were given to affected children of the Björn-Schulz-Foundation.

The Björn-Schulz-Foundation commits itself with trained, voluntary social workers to families, whose children were diagnosed with incurable diseases. It supports, builds and runs consulting, self-help, aftercare and rehabilitation contributions in this regard. Since those contributions aren´t financed by the state, the foundation depends on respective supporters. With this donation PROMOS does not only want to point out that deficit, but also assist actively.

PROMOS took notice of the Björn-Schulz-Foundation through its employee Falk Eilers, who has been involved in this organisation voluntarily for many year. “I´m glad so many employees have seized this idea. We have met many dedicated people on site, who work with abandon on their responsible tasks. I´m convinced we are supporting something meaningful here. At this point I want to thank Falk Eilers for his commitment”, says Diana Beyer, Director Organization/Human Resources.

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