Integrated Workforce Management of the ALBA Facility Solutions (AFS) - Easily Linked

The facility management currently goes through a true revolution. Spurred by mobile technology the sector becomes a part of the industry 4.0. Chances of the use of mobile devices as well as specific challenges in practice are discussed at the user forum about the use of mobile solutions at maintenance and service on the 21st-22nd of October 2015 in Düsseldorf.

In cooperation with the ALBA Facility Solutions PROMOS informs about the practical use of a mobile workforce management system within a customer presentation.

The ALBA Facility Solutions GmbH, a subsidiary of the leading environment service provider and feedstock supplier, manages industrial, housing, and specialized real estates throughout Germany. From winter services and green space maintenance to minor repairs management and vacancy restorations the ALBA provides all services by it´s own efforts since more than ten years. Additionally to the infra structural, technical and commercial facility management the ALBA Facility Solutions also cares about disposal management in real estate stocks. Those solutions are extended by integrative recycling and logistic services especially for the industry and trading. Customer satisfaction through quality is the number one priority. This is secured by a close-meshed location network, the use of the most modern and innovative technical systems as well as experienced experts. For this reason the ALBA Facility Solutions uses a holistic workforce management system of PROMOS, which not only allows a depiction of mobile process steps with the use of the easysquare mobile app, but also makes an integration into existing SAP® system landscapes possible.

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