The New Modular Utility Statement Letter

Do you know Mix Max? The amusing dice game from Ravensburger, which is about switching hat-head-stomach-legs and creating the 15 most creative Mix Max people? Well, quite a question far to seek for the topic utility statement.

The annual utility statement letter belongs to the main duties of every landlord in Germany. They not only lead to substantial time and personnel efforts, but also become more and more complex. The many obligations and regulations play a big part in contributing to this, e. g. the duty to create statement letters for utilities. This tenant document has to dispose of specific minimum requirements, e. g. a statement of the calculation of the rent components as well as information about the distributions key. On the other hand it is also the landlord’s interest to provide tenants with understandable and transparent information, in order to reduce processing times for queries. How easy would it be if housing companies were able to put together statement letters for the tenants individually – like children put together figures in the game Mix Max?

For this purpose PROMOS has developed the modular utility statement letter. Just like in a construction kit with different modules, the parts can be combined to a customer specific utility statement letter per customising. As standard-modules texts, charts and graphics are available with which different layouts. Moreover it is possible to add customer specific components to the selection.

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