Property obligates – Safety precaution with easysquare

Real estate and property owners are obligated to prevent damages and harm for third parties by securing their buildings and the associated infrastructures in appropriate ways. De facto, the so called safety precaution obligation of the property owner is defined by a variety of (country-specific legal) requirements, jurisdictions and the incorporation of external service providers, which makes a structural and qualified implementation of tasks very difficult.

With the safety precaution solution of easysquare the owner gets the opportunity to manage his duties and obligations efficiently and understandably. The solution is convenient for simple visual and functional controls as well as complex inspection tasks with different intervals, operator responsibilities and a SAP®-integration.

The safety precaution solution creates generic safety precaution reports for every object. Due object-specific inspection tasks are the basis. Required qualifications for the handling of those inspection tasks are considered as well.

With the easysquare platform and the easysquare mobile app different operators, external service providers as well as employees or subsidiaries can be technically integrated into the process of safety precaution efficiently and quickly in order to simplify and automate the processes radically.

On the easysquare platform inspection catalogues are recorded and assigned to the particular object data and persons responsible – from simple inspection tasks needed to be realized annually to complex, external inspection catalogues (e. g. REG-IS). The respective operator being responsible for the handling of the task has the opportunity to call up and manage the respective inspection tasks via the easysquare platform.

With the easysquare mobile app inspections can be performed with mobile devices on-site and results as well as damages can be captured right away. Those mobile captured data can be sent to the easysquare platform so that every involved can access the current information any time, e. g. status overviews or inspection reports as proving documents.

Beyond that the easysquare platform can be connected to the owner’s SAP®- system smoothly via ready to use plug-ins. This way manual interfaces are minimized, work efforts are reduced and the entire information can be accessed by the owner at any time in his central SAP®-system. With the connection to the owner’s SAP®-system an assignment of inspection tasks to the inspection objects and technical places is made possible. In SAP® the owner can connect inspection catalogues with an inspection cycle, an operator as well as information about required qualifications of the performing person and control roles.

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