Put a label on it

Who doesn’t know it? Looking for the right document can be a redundant loss of time. Extrapolated to one property management the search becomes a „productivity-killer“.

Right here we take remedial action with a small feature. As of now PROMOS offers its customers a new basic functionality in SAP®, which allows documents that are managed in a SAP® archive to be renamed individually. This feature contributes considerably to the increase of clearness in the document management and makes e. g. tenant or property files assessable at a glance.

So far only predefined document names could be used in SAP®, which entails multiply occurring names. With this new feature individual labels can be defined and shown while the standard name retains internally.

Dokumentenbenennung SAP


The basic function can be integrated comfortably in existing PROMOS-solutions. This way documents in our correspondence-interface OpenPromos® Corporate Correspondence (OPCC), in our craftsmen linkage HWK as well as in the electronic file management REdesk can be renamed individually. Optionally we also support the transmission of individual labels to an external archive. Beyond this convenient, little tool, which will be a massive advantage in your daily business, we offer a package of comprehensive services of the PROMOS group.

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