If the Tenant Falls Behind – Installment with Easysquare Workflow

Rental payment has been missed, the tenant fall behind. Outstanding receivables in rental accounting belong to daily life of any housing association. To offer a facilitate installment agreement to your tenant brings many advantages, but also enormous expense to the maintenance? That doesn`t have to be like this.

If the tenant falls behind, the property management has to decide, if the tenant could pay off in monthly rent arrears, so that an installment contract is required. Such an installment contract could bring advances for the lessor; e.g. by support the relationship between the parties in order to perceive as a customer-friendly and flexible company. Nevertheless the effort of the maintenance of such a process should be keep as low as possible.

Using easysquare workflow in practice has proven itself as an intelligent and multipurpose controlling tool to different business processes of a housing association and could also offer a clear solution in illustrating installment contracts and the processes of rent arrears.

The procedure provides that the installment contracts regularly will be installed, saved and printed in SAP® by which the easysquare workflow will initiate into processing. For optional request, it has a supplementary tool to verification, correction etc. an individual release strategy.

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