Know-How – Distributing Capital Assets During Privatisation of Apartments Quickly and Easily

The interest on the German housing market is unbroken. According to an analysis of the real estate service provider Savills about 319,500 apartments were merchandised in 2015. The investment volume had an amount of 22,5 billions of Euros. Not only commercial investors are interested in purchasing real estates, especially in German top-locations like Berlin or Hamburg. Also private tenants start dreaming more and more about their own four walls.

Considering decreasing interests and at the same time increasing insecurities regarding the governmental retirement arrangements, an investment in real estate property sounds like an attractive option for pretty much all income groups. But not only the buyer benefits from the privatisation of apartments. For landlords possibilities of raising rents are limited due to the rent control etc.

Despite all advantages the privatisation of apartments and the accompanied administrative efforts are not to be underestimated by housing and real estate companies. Besides the examination of numerous documents the transfer of ownership has to be regarded separately especially concerning accountings.

Often housing objects in the capital and current asset are arranged according to housing units or buildings.  In case of a privatisation of single apartments, the units or objects to be sold have to be divided into individual assets. In order to minimize efforts of assigning and transferring assets, PROMOS offers a collective processing tool only for this specific purpose. With this, the division into single objects as well as the transfer oriented to the particular buying price can be performed in a single step. Before the actual entry a simulation can be processed to examine the results first. The successfully performed transfers are documented. The transferred acquisition and factoring costs as well as amortisation values are depicted in separate columns in the asset history sheet.

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