VBW Bochum Relies On Standard In The Market From Now On

On the 1st of January 2016 easysquare displaced the previous craftsman portal at the VBW Bochum. With this product from the PROMOS house the VBW Bochum not only chose a field- and industry-tested technology at a high standard, but also profit from the possibility of an addition of various mobile services and networking solutions that easysquare offers.

One of the main reasons for the change of the craftsman portal was the goal of the VBW Bochum to go back to a standardised product with a great spread in the market and numerous reference customers. “Towards an industry standard” was the maxim during the selection of a new provider. With this solution, which is already used by many other housing companies, they expect shorter support times as well as the creation of synergies via the use of a solution, which was already put into productive use at other companies and didn´t have to be developed individually for the VBW Bochum. Besides the craftsman linkage, also e. g. a mobile safety precaution solution, a process supported ticket system and an insurance solution with a portal function to the platform easysquare are brought into use in the project.

Additionally, various standard processes, like the release procedure for orders and performance capture sheets or the escalation procedure during a delay in the process, are depicted as easysquare workflow processes for an optimal tracing and increase of quality. Based on the same technology a chat system for the communication between the craftsmen or the insurance of the employee of the VBW Bochum has been implemented.

That´s why easysquare with its high density of reference customers was just the right decision. On the 1st of January 2016 they were already able to go productive with the easysquare craftsman portal successfully.

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