News For The New Year – We Are Preparing Easysquare For The Future

In the second week of January we have completed the move of the easysquare platform successfully. Now we are operating the platform in Frankfurt at the company Claranet GmbH, one of the leading European Managed Service Providers. What induced us to this step?

The easysquare platform records about 2,000 users at the moment and was located at the PROMOS` own data centre in Berlin . “The current growth trend combined with the significantly increasing demand at the market has brought us to mind that our infrastructural concept needs to be geared to future requirements of scalability, stability and performance. In the future we are assuming a number of at least 10,000 easysquare users, so we need to create the prerequisites today already”, explains Volker Schulz, Chief Information Officer of PROMOS, as the motives for the move. For this reason we decided to relocate the easysquare platform to Frankfurt to the Claranet GmbH. This way we can profit from the linkage opportunities of the Claranet GmbH to the German Internet Backbone in Frankfurt, which lets us frame the scalability of the necessary bandwidth more flexible in the future.

Beyond that, the Claranet GmbH, as an experienced and strong hosting provider, offers us the opportunity to draw on additional security technologies and standards. “With the move of the easysquare platform we have laid a significant foundation for projects in the future. With the Claranet we are having a competent partner by our side, who gives us the opportunity to expand our infrastructure for the easysquare platform freely and to adjust to our user`s requirements”, Schulz explains the advantages of the new situation.

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