Easier, Faster, Nicer – PROMOS.GT On S/4 HANA

The world is changed. With this line the trilogy of Lord of the Rings begins. But not only Middle-earth is changing, also the IT for the real estate industry is approaching a great transition. The reason for that is the new S/4HANA, the further development of SAP® Business Suite und SAP® Simple Finance (S/4HANA Finance).

The new platform of SAP, which is used by PROMOS.GT, saves operative data in the main storage and makes data processing as well as data calling in real time possible.

Easier: Less Tables

The Information of the receipts from the finance and controlling section as well as bordering modules used to be updated separately in the previous versions, now they are summarised in one central table. Index tables and totals tables were dropped, which reduces data growth immensely. Since the data is not redundantly saved in multiple tables anymore, but in one central table, the HANA data base needs remarkably less storage after the successful migration to the new system.

This simplification of the data model causes new technical opportunities to process and evaluate application data. This way the data is firstly aggregated and made available in the browser surface. Due to the drill-down in the relevant results a jump into the display and the processing of single receipts is made possible. Those become useful in e. g. the claim management, which means during selection topics on evaluations of debitor positions.

Nicer: Simplified User Surface

The access to data is supported by the HANA-database, so that the user may use the data on new surfaces. Especially the edited and uniform user surface for desktop applications and mobile devices in the HTML5 standard makes a user-friendly surrounding possible. This also opens up new ways and opportunities to depict information. The aggregated data can be depicted as diagrams or in the dashboard and they can be exported to other programs like Excel.

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