Process Simplification thanks to easysquare – an Experience Report of the GBG Mannheim

This year´s 19th SAP-Forum for the real estate industry in Berlin takes place under the innovative motto „Having processes under control – digitally into the future”. Here, the Mannheimer Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH from Baden-Württemberg acknowledges the easysquare solution change of tenant of PROMOS through an experience report.

At the GBG Mannheim as well as at other housing companies, many formal processes take place on site, at different tenants and often successively. Then, it is highly important not to lose control, to react to requests right away and to transmit all data to the correct part of the real estate company.

Easysquare is a tool of PROMOS, which is adapted to the requirements of real estate and facility management exactly. It makes it possible to depict complex processes to the particular tenant integrated and it connects the communication between the service provider on site and the employee in the central office. Various processes, for example the handover of a residential property, the inspection of a property or a report of defects, can be processed by the involved parties via the app on mobile devices, instead of pen, paper and digital camera.

Klaus Lange is the project manager of the IT and expert for the ERP system of the GBG Mannheim. On the 13th of September 2016 at 11:00 am at the SAP-Forum for the real estate industry he is going to give a presentation on the process of a changing tenant and particularly on the electronic archiving, workflow processes and the application in the mobile section. With the title “The change of tenant as a closed process from the handover of the residential property until the new renting” Lange talks about his practical experiences with easysquare from the expert´s perspective. Also following aspects will be considered:

  • residential property inspection,
  • recording of the preparation need,
  • the linkage to the investment planning,
  • the commission via the craftsmen portal and
  • the approval and new renting.

The GBG Mannheimer Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH is the biggest municipal housing company in Baden-Württemberg. About 15 percent of the citizens from Mannheim live in properties of the GBG Mannheim. The large portfolio of the company contains of new build, maintenance and modernisation as well as the management and renting of objective and housing space of all sizes.

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