Saving Time and Working Efficiently – Mobile Inventory with easysquare

An inventory of objects causes a huge effort every year. The daily business gets interrupted for a couple of hours or, depending on the circumstances, even several days and a team of multiple people works itself through the existing inventory. How would it be, if the inventory was simple and fast to perform?

With the easysquare mobile app you can perform single process steps efficiently and save a lot of time.

During a so-called physical or manual inventory of a business, all items of additions and disposals are compared to the previous years by name, date, costs and book value and optionally added by further information. We have asked Ines Schulze-Leifheit, director accounting at PROMOS, how the past inventories have been handled in the company. She explained the procedure of the “six-eyes-principle” to us: one person looks for the number posted on the item, the second person writes down the number in an Excel table and the third person examines and manages the accordances and numbers with the pre-coded items in the SAP® system.

While doing so, often small mistakes occur, which cause loads of work afterwards: “For example it often happens, that a code was read wrong, the number of items doesn´t accord to the list or information about the destination of the inventory item are missing. Much information has to be maintained subsequently in SAP®, which were only captured in the Excel table at first.” Schulze-Leifheit explains about the previous inventories.

PROMOS now has simplified the process of the inventory and developed a mobile inventory based on the easysquare mobile app. With the help of this, data from the inventory can be integrated without any problems automatically into the SAP® system. The application functions almost automatically. Only the app on the phone or tablet as well as a handset scanner is needed.

“The single items doesn´t have to be filtered from the Excel lists every time, because they have been identified via the scanner directly and everything else can be adjusted. In the list of items all records can be maintained via the app. Those had to be maintained subsequently in the system in during the past inventories”, explains Schulze-Leifheit about the newly implemented mobile inventory. Instead of long chains of numbers of every item, barcodes are stuck to the items. This way, new items can easily be transmitted to the SAP® system with the scanner.

The PROMOS team of this year´s inventory confirms the simple function of the mobile inventory. The handset scanner is held over the barcode, which is depicted in the app directly. On a screen the inventory number, the date, the location as well as the cost centre and additional information are shown. If a comment needs to be added, this can happen on the screen of the app as well. The scanned item is automatically released from the “open” file, in which the existing inventory is listed, to the “captured” file for further editing and can be saved, deleted or moved back to the “open” file. Data of the mobile inventory are available afterwards automatically in the SAP® system. A time-consuming post processing as well as a manual transmission from the Excel table is dropped completely.

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