Keeping Track of the Construction Management – easysquare Demo Jam on this Year´s SAP-Forum

During a bigger construction project it´s important to always organise and keep track of all processes. PROMOS will be featured on the 19th SAP-Forum for the real estate industry with a demo jam and will present how important procedures during a construction project can be depicted with the help of PROMOS solutions.

Starting with the projectcontrolling and the capture of performance levels, and ending with the order procedure and the invoices for professional services – it seems impossible to manage all of this in a well-structured process plan. And yet the solution can be much easier than you might think.

PROMOS has developed specialised solutions for the existing module SAP® Commercial Project Management (CPM). Easysquare workflow is a tool, which connects and depicts processes clearly. That way it makes structured work and a transparent overview on the progress possible.

In linkage to the easysquare mobile App, you may integrate your mobile steps into your project management. The advantages are clear: on the one hand job instructions generated via easysquare workflow can be forwarded to the app, which enables processing via smartphone or tablet. This way, for example the construction manager can document the construction progress comfortably on site. On the other hand, all data are up to date automatically and available in SAP® neatly, which is why you will always get an omnipotent overview on all processes of the construction project.

On Monday, the 12th of September 2016 at 4:45pm on this year´s SAP-Forum in Berlin, Frank Wyzujak, expert of PROMOS, is going to go through various processes live in his presentation “managing projects and construction projects with SAP® and PROMOS solutions successfully” and he´ll show you the advantages and possibilities of easysquare. In addition to that you will also get to know how you can integrate mobile steps into your project management.

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