Feeling Like A Customer – Electronic Bank Statements Used By PROMOS As Well

As a housing company the electronic bank statement of PROMOS supports you optimally during the processing of incoming rents. The mass process is automated and simplifies the daily routines of every rent accountant immensely. Though, our optimisation of electronic bank statements can be used in other industries optimally as well and we will prove that on our own example. Because: We as an IT and consulting house are using this helpful tool as well!

Electronic bank statements in the SAP standard have been used by our accounting department for a long time. The optimated version of electronic bank statements of PROMOS though contains numerous advantages towards the standard, which can be realised industry spanned. For that reason we decided to implement it into our SAP® system. The new post-processing of electronic bank statements mainly differs in a more comfortable handling from the old one. Especially the single screen transaction plays a big role in the benefit of the solution, because in one single screen all sections of the bank statement processing are shown at a glance. “At the top is the work list, which shows all open items of the bank statements that have been electronically fed into the computer. At the bottom you have the opportunity to mark and post-process single positions, meaning entering them completely. With this single screen it becomes possible to process all steps right after another and to define individual presettings without leaving the mask. That saves time!” says Ines Schulze-Leifheit, head of the accounting department at PROMOS.

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