Important Changes for SEPA Payment Transactions

From the 20th of November 2016 on, changes will appear for the SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) in combination of the SDD policy. In order to prepare you for those changes on time, we have summarised the most important information for you.

With the update of the policies three main changes occur for the direct debit system, which concern the type of debit, the type of sequence as well as the advance notice:

  1. The type of debit COR1 is replaced by the type of client CORE. CORE takes over all functionalities COR1 had.
  2. The use of the type of sequence “First” (FRST) is no longer necessary for the first debit. Instead, the type of sequence for followup debits “Recurrent” (RCUR) can now also be used for first debits. That means no differences for first and followup debits are made in the future.
  3. The advance notice of two (RCUR) or five (FRST) days is shortened to one day for the entire SEPA room.

The debit procedure will change in so far, that an update for the used SAP® FI solution is required, like for:

  • the change of the form tree for SEPA Direct Debit,
  • adjustments of the customizing for the local instrument code,
  • changes of the program code as well as
  • optional: programming for the omission of the first debit (FRST).

In the next days we will step up to all of the PROMOS customers, to consult them about the following steps for the changes. Beyond that, we suggest to talk to your house bank about the transition periods. Because it´s the at the institute´s discretion for which periods older forms are still accepted.

For further questions contact our experts here: contact form

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