And Action! The easysquare Customer App on YouTube

The most innovative communication medium of the century is undoubtedly the mobile device. Today we will show you the possibilities of an own App for the communication with your tenants in our new tutorial on YouTube.

Modern customer oriented housing companies no longer constrain their communication with tenants on the correspondence via letter, but also make use of the various communication channels and media, to reach their tenants in their personal living environment and save costs at the same time. Certain age groups use the internet almost 100 percent, while the main use of the internet happens via mobile devices today. What would be more obvious than performing the communication with their tenants in an own app?

Have a look! In a short video we´re presenting the services of the easysquare Customer App to you.

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The advantages of a customer app are clear:

  • high tenant satisfaction due to transparent processes and an intuitive handling of the app with common devices
  • reduction of media disruption with an all-in-one solution
  • intelligent networking of all involved parties
  • strengthening of the community spirit
  • time and cost savings, in which internal processes are shortened
  • seamless integrability into existing SAP® systems
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