A Matter of the Heart – PROMOS Plays Secret Santa for a Good Cause

For a second time in a row PROMOS employees support foundations during the Christmas time, which lie at their hearts. Everyone had the opportunity to suggest non-profit organisations, which should be recipients of our donations, in advance.

This year the Björn-Schulz-Stiftung was chosen, which has made it its goal to support incurable children and young adults as well as their families during difficult times. On the other hand we´ve decided to help the FSD-Foundation for the funding of social services with our donations. Amongst other things, this foundation takes care of the first accommodation of underage refugees.

The donation was designed after the motto “Donate once, help twice”, which means that every amount donated by employees was doubled by PROMOS. This way the donations were raised up to 3,100 €. The collected amount is going to be passed along as donation in kinds. The Björn-Schulz-Foundation receives garden furniture for their children from the Roda-Workshop and the FSD-Foundation receives work and tea towels from the blind workshop “Fritz Reuter” Schwerin gemeinnützige GmbH.

“At this point we would like to thank our employees for the large attendance. At the same time we´re excited to support two very dedicated foundations as well as the particular workshops with this donation”, says Diana Beyer, Director Human Resources and responsible for the coordination of this year´s donation campaign.

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